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Doubling Profits

When I joined Vistage, I expected to get good ideas to help me run the company, but I didn’t really expect to become a much better CEO. Vistage has helped me focus on holding my team accountable, while my Vistage group holds me accountable for the decisions I make. The result? Last year we had record profits –doubling the year before—and this year we expect them to double again.

Russ Algood, CEO
Ace Motor Acceptance Corp.
Matthews, NC

Decision-Making Guidance, Personal Support

“The benefits of Vistage membership are too numerous to list and clearly proportional to your willingness to be engaged and the quality of your Vistage Chair and members of your group. One of the beauties is that the impact can be immediate. Monthly you are meeting with a group of business owners or leaders within your community or region and openly sharing and looking for feedback on business and to the extent you choose, personal issues and opportunities. This is like having your own board of directors without the travel costs and additional salaries (or bickering). Our company and I have benefited greatly and frequently from the insights and counsel shared by the group.

“Another HUGE benefit if the monthly one-on-one sessions (2 hrs each) with my Vistage Chair. Bill is a seasoned businessman with leadership experience and a caring human being. We openly share my business and personal struggles, successes and everything in between. He challenges me to set and follow-up on meaningful goals, milestones and even strategic time away (which is a tough one for me as a “doer”). This aspect alone has been invaluable to me, my business and our family.”

“…Plus, as much as we all tend to think our business or industry is unique or different, these 12 leaders and I share FAR more in common than I could have imagined. Like Our Chair, Bill, they hold me accountable, and I do likewise with them.”

“Vistage has guided me through specific decisions as we consolidated 2 businesses over 8 states, adjusted to the ugly business climate in 2009 and helped me stay strong in some very challenging personal times with family health crises. It truly is up to you as to how much you want to get out of it. At a minimum, it is powerful and at its best it is life and career changing.”

Jerry Rex, President
Morris South
Charlotte, NC

Value of CEO Education

Thanks to Vistage, we righted a broken compensation plan and saved the company over $250,000 a year. In addition, we have far greater accountability in our leadership ranks than we would have had otherwise. Having earned my MBA degree from Wake Forest University, I would equate my Vistage experience over the first two years with getting a Ph.D. in business, only more practical.

Bill Cooper, President & CEO
Charlotte, NC

Decisions Lead to Thriving Company

As business owner of a foreign company (our worldwide headquarters are in Italy), Vistage is my trusted advisory board when I face tough and unusual business decisions. Being held accountable by the members in my Vistage group gave me the extra push I needed to make sure decisions were made in a timely manner over the past four years. This, alone, allowed my company and me to survive and thrive during a harsh economy and financial period.

Filippo Emanuel, General Manager
Tenax USA
Charlotte, NC

Improve our own business, help each other improve the business and personal results of every Member

“As a member of Bill’s Vistage group, I have gained strategic and tactical insight that has made significant, specific contributions to the growth and success of my company. Bill’s leadership style brings out real issues and solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our members. He has guided all of us to not only improve our own business but shown us how to help each other improve the business and personal results of every member. I count Bill as not only a trusted and valued business mentor but also as a friend. Bill – you rock!”

Bruce Wilkinson, CEO
Decision Support
Charlotte, NC

Spaghetti, masking tape, and yarn….

“Spaghetti, masking tape, and yarn was all it took for Bill to demonstrate the power of planning, teamwork and execution. I highly recommend Bill to get the most of our any leadership team. ”

Elton Wright, VP of Sales

Charlotte, NC

Ability help maximize and clarify the direction we as business owners take our company

“Bill has a unique ability help maximize and clarify the direction we as business owners take our company. He has helped me and Tropical Images individually and as a chair at Vistage on numerous occasions sort through the changes of a growing business. His insight and resources are very helpful. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone developing or leading the growth of a business regardless of size or type. He is available, supportive, authentic and knowledgeable.”

Mike Cordesius
Tropical Images

Charlotte, NC